• Shattering Myths


Host: Yada

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  • Mon-Fri: 9:00am-11:00am
  • Call In Line: 877-300-7645

Welcome to one of the most stimulating, controversial, and relevant shows on radio: Shattering Myths.

Your host, an entrepreneur, research scholar, world traveler, acclaimed author, and internationally recognized expert on mankind's religious, political, economic, and military schemes, shreds the misconceptions which permeate every aspect of our society. Rather than report the news, He explains the news, helping listeners understand the motivations of the players and the consequences of their actions. He is particularly keen on correlating current events with prophecy, telling his listeners what is going to happen next and why the future is unavoidable.

Then doing something that hasn't been attempted in nearly two-thousand years, your host walks his listeners through the pages of the Torah, presenting Yahowah's perspective on life and relationships. He makes the Torah's guidance come alive, revealing unique and profound insights into the most important document in the universe, helping his listeners appreciate mankind's greatest treasure.

One of the most sought after and memorable guests in talk radio has now been unleashed on his own show, Shattering Myths while embracing the truth as yet another illuminating host on the Genesis Communication Network. Over the course of two hours, Yada will examine the news, interview guests, answer listener questions, and present the greatest story ever told. Join us as we create refreshing and riveting radio.