June 30th 2022

Genesis Communication Network Inc. Vindicated in Sandy Hook Case



On June 30, 2022, GCN, a defendant in the Connecticut Alex Jones defamation case, was vindicated when the plaintiffs unilaterally withdrew all legal claims against GCN. This action, taken one month prior to jury selection, was effectuated without settlement, release or other consideration by GCN.

"This means we can continue to serve the hundreds of radio programs as we have over the years, programs from a wide array of political viewpoints," said GCN owner Ted Anderson. "Including us in the suit was an attack on Talk Radio as an institution. It was totally unjustified."

"We are of course pleased with the recognition that GCN was not a proper defendant," said Mario Cerame, attorney for GCN. "Genesis does not monitor the content of the radio shows it works with. These are the sound engineers, ensuring professional sound quality, balance, and the like. They make space in the recording for commercials. They do not fact check the words any more than your phone company does or the people who sell you a keyboard check to see what you type. They just deliver the sound, like a radio version of the United States postal worker."

"GCN should never have been in the suit to begin with." Cerame continued. "We had to vigorously litigate the case up to the eve of jury selection but the plaintiffs ultimately acknowledged this and walked away on their own, without a dime from GCN. The plaintiffs’ firm in Connecticut is extremely sophisticated and had orders of magnitude more resources than we did. We were caught in a battle between two Goliaths and after a lot of hard work we managed to come out unscathed."

"My heart breaks for those families but yes I feel this was the right result," said Anderson.

Mario Cerame is a First Amendment attorney from the Hartford, Connecticut firm of Brignole, Bush and Lewis LLC.