About Genesis Communications Network

The Genesis Communications Network, Inc. (GCN) was founded in 1997 by Ted Anderson as a way to fill the vast media void with hard hitting programming highlighting the most detrimental events and topics to the public at the present time, but most importantly, providing viable solutions for any future scenario.

Through the years, GCN has established itself as the largest independently owned and operated talk radio network in the country. The Genesis Communications Network, Inc. syndicates live, pre-recorded and simulcasts talk radio programming, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, heard across 49 continental states, with a worldwide listening audience online through our website.

The Genesis Communications Network, Inc. provides listeners and clients with a wide variety of thought provoking talk radio programs ranging from: politics, world issues, economics & finances, health, entertainment, gardening, home im provement, automotive, traveling, relationships, paranormal, conspiracy, and any and all hot "trending" topics reaching our large and diverse listening demographic.


Genesis Communications Network

190 Cobblestone Lane

Burnsville, MN 55337


Employee Directory

President & CEO

  • Ted Anderson

Marketing Sales Manager

  • Matt Brower Ext: 128
  • Lee Wickenhauser Ext. 107

Affiliate Relations

  • Ext. 148, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chief Engineer

  • George Prondzinski

Core Network & Systems Administrator

  • Brian Barnes

Program Director

  • Lee Wickenhauser Ext. 107

Web Master/Developer

  • Brian Barnes


Frequently Asked Questions (click on a question to see the answer)

Preferred Settings

GCNLive.com works best with:


Google Chrome

Apple Safari



How Do I listen to GCN on my mobile Device?

Our Live Player and On Demand Players will not work on most mobile devices. (Some Android apps with Flash abilities can play our Listen Live Player from the website)

If you have the Apple iPhone you can download the GCN iPhone App from the iTunes App Store for FREE! The GCN iPhone App includes the live streams and On Demand of all GCN's programs. To get the GCN iPhone App click here.

If you have an an Android phone, go to the Android Market on your handset and download the GCNlive App Free! The GCN Android App includes the live streams and On Demand of all GCN's programs. Or go to the Mobile App page from your Android phone and download the apk files.

If you have a Blackberry phone you can install Flycast. Flycast airs all 6 channels of GCN's live streams for many mobile devices including the Blackberry. Click Here to go to FlyCast for more information.

You can listen to GCN's live broadcast and on demand by calling the Listen Phone Line. The phone numbers are listed on the Listen page. GCN provides this service for free but long distance charges may apply depending on your service plan. Check with your service provider.

Archives are playable on all mobile devices that have a browswer. Just click on the archive file to play.


What should I do if I'm having problems with the sound on the mobile apps? Why does it take so long to load programs on the mobile apps?

If you're on a WiFi network, see if using another network fixes the issue, or temporarily turn off WiFi in your settings. If that doesn't resolve the issue, you're probably in an area of heavy network congestion or limited connectivity and you may want to try again from another location, or later in the day. GCN has no control over the connection, and connections can sometimes be unstable or slow.


How do I install the GCNLive Android App on my phone?

Go to the Android Market and get an app installer: Astro File Manager, Apps Installer, z-App Installer are a few that are available.

Download the GCNLive Android App APK file (GCNLive APK download) and save to your phone's memory card and insert the card into your Android phone.

After it is downloaded to your phone's memory card, open your installer app. It will show you all the APK files stored directly in the root directory of your memory card.

Just click on the application you want to install and it will be installed.

You can find out more at BrightHub.com. They offer multiple means of installing third party apps.


Minimum Computer Requirements for Listen Live Player or On Demand Player

The following are the absolute minimum requirements for the Live and On Demand Player to work:

    • PC Operating System: Windows XP (SP2 or higher), Windows 2000, Vista, Windows 7, 10, 11
    • Browser: Firefox 3, Chrome, Internet Explorer 8, Safari 3.2.2


        • Mac Operating System: X 10.4 Tiger or higher
        • Browser: Firefox 3, Chrome, Safari 3.2.2, Opera 8.0

In Addition: minimum Flash Player 7 must be installed on your computer. Click Here to get Flash Player

If you download the Flash Player and it still is not working you will need to check the following questions below to trouble shoot the problem you are experiencing.

If you are using FireFox you need to make sure you are updated to the most recent version of FireFox to insure that you have the proper plugins for your browser. To make sure your FireFox is updated you can go to the Help drop down and select "check for updates", then download and install any updates.

        • Linux: Ubuntu 10.4 LTS (only works with this OS at this time)

If you do not have these minimum requirements our Player will not work and we recommend you use the Archives. We are sorry but we unable to provide help to those who do not meet these minimum requirements.


I get a "Forbidden" "You Do Not Have Permission" Error Message trying to listen to the Live Player or On Demand Player?

You may have a Windows Media Player (WMP) plug-in installed that allows Flash files (.flv) to be played in WMP and/or have configured Flash files to be opened with WMP. You need to make it so that WMP is NOT the default player for .flv files.

On a Windows XP or 2000 operating system, to disassociate Flash files from WMP:

        1. Right click on the Start button, select "Open".
        2. Select "Tools" from the menu, then select "Folder Options..."
        3. Click on the "File Types" tab.
        4. In the Registered File Types list, scroll to find "FLV" and click on it to select it. If "FLV" is not in the list, then Flash files are not configured to be viewed with WMP.
        5. Below the Registered File Types List, the file type details are displayed. If "Opens with: Windows Media Player" is displayed, then Flash files are configured to be viewed with WMP.
        6. While "FLV" is selected in the list, click on the delete button just below the list, then click the "Close" button. Flash files are now disassociated from WMP.
        7. Please reboot your system before attempting to retry the Live or On Demand Player.

For Windows Vista this website provides step by step instructions and nice images to guide you through the process. Link to site.

For Windows 7 this website provides step by step instructions and nice images to guide you through the process. Link to site.


Help I am a dial up user. How do I get the low bandwidth streams?

It is best if you get the streams from the Listen Live Player by clicking on the button at the bottom of the player that says "Dial Up Users Click Here"

The button will change to tell you to click play to get the low bandwidth streams. You will know that it is set to 16k when you see this message. If you cannot get the player to work you can get the low bandwidth streams on the Listen page click here.


I have Dial Up and the streams keep breaking up?

We are sorry but we are unable to provide support to Dial Up users. As dial up connections are spotty at best the technology is not supported well on connections under 56K.

Most Dial Up connections are running around 43k or less and this will cause interruptions to the streams. This is not a new issue and has nothing to do with the player.

The Live Streams are available in 16k by clicking the "Dial Up Users Click Here" button at the bottom of the player. This turns the streams down to 16Kb. If you still have problems connecting you should try using the low bandwidth links on the Listen page click here.

If those do not work for you, we highly recommend you use the Archives to listen to the shows.


How do I download the Archives?

Choose the program you want to download archives for, select the month and year you want to get. Once you are on the page with all the links for the days and hours, select one of the links, right click (mac-control click) and choose one of the following: IE "save target as", FireFox "save link as", Safari "download linked file", then select the location on your computer to save the file to (mac users should find the downloaded files in their download directory).


What is podcasting?

A podcast is an audio file (MP3) that is available for downloading online. You can download it to your computer using special software that plays podcasts, or download it to your personal digital audio player (i.e. iPod, iriver, Creative Zen Touch, etc.). Podcasting is like "radio on demand"-you listen to what you want, when you want to hear it. Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet. The reason it became linked with the iPod in name was because people download podcasts (audio shows) to listen to on their iPods. However you don't have to listen to podcasts only on iPods; you can use your computer with some music software such as Windows built-in Media Player or Winamp, or other portable music players (iPod competitors) such as Creative Zen or iRiver. It really doesn't matter, as long as you have some way to play music on your computer or an MP3 Player you will be able to listen to podcasts.


How do I listen to a podcast?

If you want to listen to a podcast away from your computer, you will need to transfer them to a portable media device. If you want to listen on your computer, you need to download and install Podcast Receiver software to your computer. But either way you will need to first download the podcast to your computer You can use the latest version of Apple's iTunes (which has the software built in), or other services such as Miro or Juice (formerly iPodder) to manage your podcast subscriptions. GCN's PodCasts work best with FireFox and Internet Explorer 8 and eliminate the need for a podcast receiver.


What makes podcasting different?

It's all about having the files come to you through syndication instead of you going to the files through search. To get our podcasts you use a software program called a Podcast Receiver. Sometimes this is also called a podcast aggregator (but again this is geek speak). Just know that Podcast Receiver and aggregator mean the same thing. It's the software that you use to download and receive podcasts. The Podcast Receiver regularly checks the feed for new content that has been posted. When a new podcast show is found, it's downloaded. The next time you plug your MP3 player into your computer, the new podcasts shows are synced by your media player. When you subscribe to a magazine a copy arrives in your mailbox every time a new issue is released. Subscribing to a podcast is just the same, but instead of a mailbox, you have an aggregator - a program that runs on your computer and automatically downloads your favorite podcasts making them ready for you to listen to.

Now You Can Listen to Exactly What You Want, When You Want and How You Want! With podcasts, you're in control. Podcasts are also like Tivo because you're in control of when you listen to it. You can rewind a podcast. You can play it over and over. You can pause it. You can store it wherever you want. You can delete it when you want. Podcasts give you the control. You can listen to podcasts on your computer, burn them to CD or transfer them to your MP3 player. You're in control of when and how you listen. Compare that to listening to the radio. Big corporations decide what you get to listen to and when you listen to it. It's all controlled by what will make them money. Now you can have radio your way.Unlike streaming audio, you can take a podcast with you. To listen to streaming content you're tied to a computer with a fast Internet connection. You're not limited to how many times you can download a podcasts or how many times you can burn it. It's not limited to only playing in certain media players.


I click on the podcast button but I just get a page with a bunch of code on it?

You need to a have a podcast receiver software on your computer in order to download a podcast or have a browser like FireFox or Internet Explorer 8. We highly recommend using FireFox or Internet Explorer 8 for our Podcasts. We only recommend these because of their ease of use and options they have available for you. To have it automatically downloaded for you every time a new episode becomes available follow the instructions of the Podcast Receiver you use.


How do I get a podcast receiver?

We strongly recommend using Firefox for all of GCN's archives, On Demand, Podcasts and Live Players. Firefox has a built in receiver. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 also has a built in podcast receiver. Juice, iTunes and Miro are also excellent receivers and are free to download. Click on any of the images below to get to the download site for the reciever you want.

Podcast Receivers:

        • Mozilla FireFox
        • Juice
        • Apple iTunes
        • Miro


Step by Step Instructions for downloading GCN's Pod Casts for Juice, iTunes, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 8 Users:

FireFox and Internet Explorer 8 Users:

        1. Click on the PodCast button for the show that you want then...
          • FireFox users- Click Subscribe Now, Also make sure that the "Subscribe to this PodCast using Live Bookmarks" is selected (Click here for more information)
          • IE 8 users- Click Subscribe To This Feed (click the "Learn More About Feeds" for more information)

Juice Instructions:

        1. Launch Juice
        2. Click on the Subscriptions tab.
        3. Add podcast feeds.
          • Right click the Podcast button on the GCN Website and select copy shortcut, click the green plus button on Juice, right click and select paste this link in the URL box, Podcast feeds will have a orange dash icon next to them. When you select a feed, its URL will appear at the bottom of the window. Add the feed to your subscriptions by clicking Add. It should show up in the main subscriptions window with state "newly-subscribed".
        4. Set scheduler options
          • Still on the Subscriptions Tab
          • click on the 7 icon that looks like a calendar and a clock with a white box,
          • click "enable scheduler" click the "check at regular intervals" select "12 hours"
          • Finally, click "Save" to apply the settings
        5. Set your preferences. In the General Tab, select the "continue running in the background when I close the main window" This will make sure it keeps downloading for you.
          • In the Threads Tab, select "8" maximal threads for feedscanning per session and "5" maximal downloads per session
          • In the Player Tab, select a player that you use on your computer
        6. Walk away
          • Now your podcast will be ready for you to use in your player when you need them!
          • Juice will now check for and download new content and transfer it to your Player (Windows Media Player/WMP or WinAmp).

iTunes Instructions:

          1. Select the show you want to set up for Podcast
          2. right click "GCN PodCast"
          3. select "copy shortcut"
          4. Launch iTunes
          5. in "Library" select "PodCasts"
          6. on the tool bar select "advanced"
          7. select "subscribe to PodCast"
          8. a pop up box will appear, in the pop up box right click the white area and select "paste"
          9. click "ok"
          10. iTunes will begin downloading the PodCasts.

To learn more about PodCasts on iTunes you will need to go to the iTunes Help menu.

For any shows you missed in the Podcasting you will have to download them manually using the Archives.

We only keep 3-5 episodes on the server at a time. You will want to set up your reciever to download the PodCasts about every other day or once a week depending on how frequently the show airs.


What is the Listen Line?

By popular demand we now offer all of GCN's programs by phone. You can call the number for any show 24 hours a day and listen to the program you want to hear. It is an On Demand player for the telephone. When the program is live you will hear the live broadcast. When the live broadcast is finished it will go into a continuous play loop and will keep repeating until the next time the show airs live. You can also listen to all four of GCN's live streams on the Listen Live Phone Line at 760-569-7700. The phone numbers for each program's Listen Lines are listed on the Listen page. GCN provides this service for free but long distance charges may apply depending on your plan with your phone company. Check with your phone company for your long distance charges.


I am experiencing problems with the new website! Help!

The most common reason you are having trouble comes from your browsers cache. On firefox you can clear the cache in the Clear Recent History selection in the history menu. Other browsers generally have this in the tools or options menu. Check your browser documentation for more information.

the other reason you may be experiencing trouble with the live player could possibly be because you have not updated your flash player: do that here and follow the indicated instructions.

if you are still experiencing issues, the last thing you can try before calling us directly, is setting the privacy setting on your flash player, GCN does not peek or look, or snoop into your privacy What we are doing is directing your flash player to a different location to get our stream, this allows our website to handle more traffic and allows you to get your stream faster, and use it longer. Flash doesn't know that though, and unfortunately there isn't any way for us to tell Flash that we aren't digging into your private life. We aren't digging into your private life, we just want you to be able to listen without our streams breaking up when our website gets a lot of traffic to it.

you can change your privacy settings by looking here for more information.

If these three things don't help, please contact us via the contact page, and someone will help you through the transition process. This really is only a temporary problem. It will get better, honest.


I need an account now! What gives?

you only need an account if you wish to contribute to the conversations in our news section of the website. We're slowly adding more social functionality to the website, and we have to start here to eliminate pesky spammers who think you want to know about dating sites, and other non-conversational advertisements.

So, no you can still listen to the archives, to the podcasts, to the live stream, to the on demand stream, and you do not need an account to do so.

Again, you do not need an account to listen to our shows, you will never need an account to listen to our shows. This account is only for our users who like to comment on the website, and not sift through pages and pages of spam to do so.


end faq