• Dr. Joy Browne - Tribute Show - with Special Guest Host Michael Harrison from TALKERS.com
    Friday, September 9th - Genesis Communications Network will broadcast a tribute show in memory of the late Dr. Joy Browne, with special guest host Michael Harrison from 'TALKERS.com' as a way of honoring Joy who passed away unexpectedly on August 27 2016. Dr. Joy Browne Show was the longest running radio psychologist program in US history, spanning over four decades. The tribute show will air at the regular broadcast time for Joy's show from 11am-2pm CST/ 12pm-3pm ET this Friday, September 9th 2016. Michael Harrison will continue to host the show and will continue to honor Dr Joy in the following days after the tribute show. Stay tuned for more information!
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  • "Stone Cold Truth" - Roger Stone Launches New Radio Program - Exclusive to GCN
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    The Genesis Communications Network (GCN) is proud to announce our new program "Stone Cold Truth" that will broadcast every Saturday from 1pm-3pm ET / 12pm-2pm CST. The Stone Cold Truth is two hour show in which the public gets the inside scoop about what is really going on in American politics from a real political insider Roger Stone, a forty year political veteran who worked as a political Aide in nine Republican Presidential campaigns from his mentor Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump. Stone spent forty years in the corroded rectum of our corrupt two party system to emerge as a whistle blower to expose both Republicans and Democrats, Political dynasties, Wall Street, Lobbyists, Multinational corporations and the 'New World Order " ushered in by both parties. Stone will cover the 2016 Presidential race with an insiders knowledge and legions of sources. Roger Stone is a New York Times Bestselling Author of the "Clintons' War on Women" and "Jeb and the Bush Crime Family- the Inside story of an American Dynasty" -rabble rouser, Libertarian conservative who exposes the shocking secrets of the ruling elite and tells it like it is. Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative and…
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By Bradlee Dean, Sons Of Liberty

Many would rather believe a lie because truth demands a response.

This last week information came out that Americans suspected a body double concerning the likes of criminal Hillary Clinton.

Of course, there were those who came out in an attempt to defend Hillary Clinton's attempt to reaffirm that anybody that questions the likes of her must be a "conspiracy theorist."  It never ceases to amaze me, when it comes to the masses, that they are so easily deceived (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

A while back, I had opened up the topic of conspiracies theories that turned out to be conspiracy facts. The masses are conditioned that when conspiracy is used, they should expect theory behind the word and avoid that topic at all costs (Jeremiah 11:9).

When the masses wake to the fact that conspiracies are called theories by those who are covering for the ones who are responsible for them, then they can then bring about resolve (Isaiah 26:9).


DECOY, n. 1. Any thing intended to lead into a snare; any lure or allurement that deceives and misleads into evil, danger or the power of an enemy. 2. A place for catching wild fowls.

The practice of decoying is essentially no different than the professional entertainer look alike, who mimics famous entertainers whom they resemble. The only difference is that the "lookalike" presents an acknowledged artifice. The decoy must conceal his or her imposture from the "audience."

Comedian Jim Carrey wanted to take a trip to Israel and experience the country's famous holy sites, so he hired a body double, installed him in the King David hotel in a room booked under Carrey's name and just had the guy stay in the room ordering hamburgers all day while the real actor enjoyed his vacation incognito. The press camped out around the hotel for four days, getting nothing and complaining that "Jim Carrey came all the way to Israel and just ate hamburgers the whole time."

Andy Warhol, Miley Cyrus, Jose Canseco, Reba McEntire, Andy Kaufman

Alexander the Great

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By David Whitney, theamericanview.com

This has been an interesting week. On Tuesday evening Joe and I had the opportunity to testify before the Anne Arundel County Council, commending them for the resolution they voted in favor of to inform the County School board that their new policy of boys in the girls restroom, locker room and sleeping arrangements was wrong headed and should be reversed. A majority, four out of seven voted for this resolution.

The next morning I met with the County Executive's Clergy Advisory Council on which I have the priveledge of serving. It is a rather diverse group including many "churches" ...... read more
By: Jim Brown, Jim Brown's Common Sense 

I have a sad announcement to make. Politics is just no fun anymore in Louisiana.

Reams of books have been written about the colorful characters that ran the Bayou state throughout its history. And the average citizen got involved, attended rallies and actively supported their candidate of choice. Few states could match the intensity and enthusiasm that was a part of Louisiana campaigning. The state's two favorite pastimes were LSU football and Politics.

The two Longs who served as governor wanted to stay involved right up to the time of their...... read more
By: Dr. Daliah, The Dr Daliah Show 

This week Hillary's health came under more intense scrutiny when she fainted as she left the 9/11 memorial ceremony on Sunday.  Her campaign revealed she had been battling pneumonia and she admitted she hadn't taken the diagnosis seriously enough stating she didn't think it was "that big a deal".  Among this, the former Secretary of State has been reported to be taking a blood thinner, have had a history of blood clots, be fighting seasonal allergies and has been managing hypothyroidism.  Debate ha...... read more
By: Dr. Daliah, The Dr Daliah Show 

Today was a frightening scene as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton left the 9/11 memorial ceremony today in NYC feeling "overheated" and then appeared to collapse as she was beginning to enter her vehicle.

The video surfacing demonstrates a view of Sec. Clinton originally supported by an aide as she leans against a concrete column.  Then the car arrives and she is assisted toward the vehicle and appears to be weak at the onset and then collapse as she enters the vehicle. ...... read more