By: Erskine, Erskine Overnight 

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Wayne Allyn Root is an entrepreneur and economist as well as the best-selling author of 7 books. This REAGAN LIBERTARIAN was the 2008 Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential nominee. He is Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus Advisory Board and Chairman of the Republican National Campaign Committee. His book Murder of the Middle Class is a MUST read. His latest book THE POWER OF RELENTLESS: 7 secrets to achieving mega-success, financial freedom, and the life of your dreams will give you guidelines so you can achieve mega...... read more
By David Whitney,

It has happened again. Another murder of an unarmed citizen took place last Tuesday by entities posing as a government, otherwise known as the FBI and the Oregon State Police. What is happening in the collapse of America is that the civil government is not only wasteful beyond imagination; it violates the Constitution which it swears to uphold at every turn. It has become highly incompetent in nearly everything it does. In fact I would argue that it only seems to do two things effectively, murder babies and kill unarmed citizens. So by...... read more
By Jake Macaulay, recently reported that the Obama administration is confirming for the first time that Hillary Clinton's unsecured home server contained some closely guarded secrets, including material requiring one of the highest levels of classification.

The State Department said on Friday it will release about 2,000 pages of Hillary Clinton's emails, but will conveniently withhold 7,000 messages until after the first several primary states have the chance to vote.

The department claimed in a cour...... read more
By Bradlee Dean, Sons Of Liberty

"It remains to be seen what God will do with a man who gives himself up wholly to Him." -D. L. Moody

America, can you imagine if 78% of those who claim to be Christians actually loved God (John 14:21) enough to obey Him (Titus 1:16; 1 John 2:4), what this country would be like? I can!  If only the American people would meet The Lord on His terms (Jeremiah 29:11-13).

John Adams, the second President of the United States, wrote an entry his diary dated February 22, 1756,

"Suppose a nation in ...... read more
By  Bill Deagle MD A4M AAEM ACAM, The NutriMedical Report

USA Immigration Solutions Protocols: USA immigration is complex and slow. 

The system is broken and we must not allow by-passers to receive preferential treatment over long-term applicants going by regular application process channels. A need assessment submitted by states and industry for particular kinds of workers is the first priority and most rapid process for certification can be undertaken.  Yearly quotas would ensure industry would have a stable international supply of skilled workers for exp...... read more