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I guess I'm going to have to  listen to reruns of What Really Happened on GCNlive because I listen thru Tor browser which DOESN'T ALLOW THE PLUG INS[...

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First off, I'm on medication now to supposedly control my episodes. I haven't had an episode since Spring of 2011, when I had my 2nd full blown episode, to the point of writing all over my walls because I ran out of paper. Somewhere between running o...

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Word from Eric with Courtroom Observers: Real truth from the ground on Oregon;

BREAKING: Harney Co Fire Chief Resigns. FBI Caught Posing As Militia At Local Armory

Wednesday - 1/13/16 - Update (1) from Malheur Wildlife Refuge In Burns, Oregon - #OregonFront Pete Santilli Show

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And by that I mean John. Even as a Brit I've found his comments massively slanted against the American arm of the Anglo-American establishment, but they've progressed from that to plain old anti-Americanism and really pushing the boundaries of free s...

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If we can get past this complete obfuscation of the truth(USA, Great Britain and Lenin's RUSSIA were far worse and complicit than the German people) maybe we can start the discussion of the 100 to 200 million 'holocausted' peoples of the North American continent. When you move south of the border the totals come closer to 1/2 billion innocents murdered outright by the 'Jewish' expansion started at the fall of the Egyptian empire.

Ursula Haverbeck: The Panorama Interview, with English Subtitles Published on May 14, 2015 In 2015, Ursula Haverbeck made history in a defiant interview in which she threw down the gauntlet to the biggest taboo of our times. Revisionism . . . on German TV! A seismic event. Interviewer: Robert Bongen.             

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