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Sean Anthony

Host: Sean Anthony

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  • Sun: 2:00pm-4:00pm
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Flow Of Wisdom Radio with Sean Anthony is a syndicated, ground-breaking talk show with insightful interviews, controversial guests, and a platform for alternative news, current national and global affairs. Flow Of Wisdom Radio is a source for alternative news and information delivered in an unconventional way that brings understanding to some of the the worlds controversial conspiracies. The show not only appeals to an audience that seeks liberty and freedom, but to a generation of youth and celebrities in popular culture.

Notable Flow Of Wisdom Radio interviews include guest Dick Gregory, Dr. Nick Begich (HAARP), Anthony Hilder, Steve Cokely, Professor Griff (of rap Group Public Enemy) and Doc Marquis(Former member of the Illuminati). Plus rap superstars David Banner, Immortal Technique, Nas, Malice of The Clipse, and an exclusive radio interview with Transformers 3 actor Tyrese Gibson. The mission of Flow of Wisdom Radio is to inspire, motivate, entertain and inform the listeners.