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R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N might seem farfetched to many - but pressure is building for Americans to rise up against tyranny.

Our worst enemies don't hide in the rocky hillsides of Afghanistan; the most dangerous enemies of America are the domestic kind, mostly government hacks who reside in or near Washington DC.

Roger will prove that to you; Just give the show a chance!

Roger started his syndicated radio career in 1993 at TRN as the lead in to Art Bells Coast to Coast AM (Now w/George Noory). Fascinated by issues, people, politics and ever encroaching big government, Roger soon became one of the most recognized names in radio syndication and in a short time had hundreds of radio stations airing his nightly broadcasts. At 32 years old Roger was the youngest solo talk personality in radio history to achieve 150 radio station affiliates.

Roger was the 1st radio host to get into a little trouble for exposing Government lies, from live on-air minute by minute coverage of huge events like; Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge Idaho, David Koresh and the branch davidian's in Waco Texas, who our government murdered just to try to justify a budget for the BATF.

Later Roger covered the Oklahoma City Bombing and eventually 911.

When Roger began asking why, if the official record had proven that 19 Saudi Arabian terrorists were the perpetrators of the 911 attack, what then was the purpose of attacking Iraq?

Shortly after asking his estimated 4 million listeners to demand answers to that question the forces of big brother began threatening and intimidating his network and affiliate stations in a coordinated effort to knock him off the air.

The globalist cabal is freaked out because -- He's BACK!

Please listen in and help Roger expose the real threats to national security.