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Folks, our Country is in trouble! Host Captain Matt Bruce, Decorated Vietnam Combat Vet & Retired Fire-Rescue Captain talks on "The Captain's AMERICA Third Watch Radio Show," celebrating our 18th year of broadcasting, about how "WE the PEOPLE" can take our Country back from the Progressive Left Liberal Socialists who are trying to steal it from us, ruin our economy, reduce our Military prominence in the World and make America into a Third World Country. This is all 'in line' with the teachings of Marxism and Socialism and "WE the PEOPLE" do NOT want to be like China, North Korea, Russia or Venezuela! I am an American FIRST and proud to be one of the majority of Americans who feel the same way! Our Radio Show is all about "WE the PEOPLE" and we have an important job to do to bring America back to its American Conservative Roots...

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