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The Alex Jones Show

Came to me the other night about who might be Hillary's replacement - hint: last name is...


Now, about that video of Hillary - wondering how everyone there knew (got a signal?) to move to shield the view of her...

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I think it would be interesting to find out (or ask) who the Secret Service plans to vote for POTUS.    Answer seems obvious and I'd think Trump would publicize this.

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Whaddaya think about that idea?  ::)

Or maybe a cabinet position?   ???

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Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson Mislead Gullible People to Save Zionism and Capitalism....

.... Alex Jones and others do not seem to understand that people are not free to do or produce that which is immoral and contrary to practical reason


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Because there's nothing "brief" about a product plug that lasts twice as long as the average commercial break.

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